• Life is like music,
    it must be composed by ear,
    feeling and instinct, not by rule!
  • No chaos,
    no creation
  • Wer sagt:
    hier herrscht Freiheit,
    der lügt,
    denn Freiheit herrscht nicht.
  • Wild!
  • To love oneself
    is the beginning of a
    lifelong romance
  • Patterning your life
    around other's opinions
    is nothing more than slavery
  • We believe in
    life before death

Wild Dragon has launched a new global marketing campaign under the slogan "be wild". The campaign, created by New York`s famous nightlife photographer blogger extraordinaire Merlin Bronques, was rolled out in several countries in September 2008. The striking images show downtown New York`s hip, cool and "wild" nightlife with its real and restless people, pushing the limits of their barefaced enthusiasm.

The campaign is aimed at Wild Dragon's typical consumers: young, free and hip individuals with the courage to swim against the stream; and allows the brand to communicate everything it stands for.

The creator of the campaign, Merlin Bronques has attracted thousands of eyeballs from around the globe to his site www.lastnightsparty.com and has recently shot images for several prestigious fashion brands.